Our Story

It all started when…

My name is Claudio and, with my wife Susan, we are Doing What We Love (DWWL for short).

Some time ago, Susan and I found ourselves extremely stressed, dissatisfied and, quite often, at each other's throat.  Everything came to a head one night as we were looking at vacation photos with some friends.  Mixed up in the pile were some work photos.  The photos starkly illuminated the difference between the joy we felt when traveling and our joyless expressions at work.  So, after much debate, we agreed to put aside financial success, to stop doing what everyone expected of us, and to start doing what we loved— we have set out to travel this wonderful country.  

When we announced our decision, our daughter, family and friends asked us to please create an Instagram account, so they could follow our adventures.  Having barely played with social media before, we were apprehensive, but agreed to give it a shot.  Almost immediately, we were stunned at how much fulfillment we derived from people liking our photos, sharing their comments and watching our videos.  Not only does this validate the effort that we put into the creative process, but it pushes us to create better videos, to shoot better photos and to write better stories. 

We sincerely want to thank you for letting us take you with us and hope that you will enjoy our stories as much as we have come to love sharing them.

You can expect 3 things from us, photos, videos, and stories of:

  • NEW places

  • NEW people

  • NEW adventures

... as we push our limits and live beyond our comfort zone!